Tokyo Shinjuku Golden-gai – a gem from the past

Shinjuku may be a mecca for shopping. Something like almost four million people use Shinjuku Station every day. That’s the population of a small country! Go to any of the huge electronics stores, and you’ll find it’s packed almost any time of the day. People visit Shinjuku from all corners of the globe, and you’ll hear more languages spoken than you knew existed. There’s just no end to the flow of people. Shinjuku is really about shopping, shopping and shopping. But also eating, drinking and entertainment. My personal favorite in Shinjuku has always been a “block” called Golden-gai, located just […]

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Tokyo’s eccentric store fronts

There is no shortage of crazy, attention-grabbing store fronts in Tokyo. Some are more eccentric than others, and it’s all about catching the attention of the people passing by. If you take a walk around Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, some of them will certainly catch your eye. Of course, whether you go inside or not is another story… No end to the ideas I love just walking around in random shopping areas of Tokyo and let my eyes wander. Sometimes I come across stores fronts that are beyond eccentric. It’s like a cry of “Please look at me!” Due to

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Tokyo’s Nakameguro district – a textbook example of gentrification

Nakameguro might have the highest concentration of cool coffee shops and colorful tapioca bars in the whole of Tokyo. It’s a paradise for foodies, artists, celebrity-spotters, wannabe celebrities, cherry-blossom gazers, fashion designers and fashionistas. You’ll find young and hip people everywhere, including tourists from the world’s all corner, all mixed up with the area’s wealthy residents. Nakameguro’s rise to fame What I like about Nakameguro is that in spite of its rising popularity, it’s still pretty cozy. It still has a local, casual, almost relaxed atmosphere about it. Maybe it’s because there are still no large shopping centers and of

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Things to do in Ginza – explore the hidden back alleys!

Who hasn’t heard of Tokyo’s Ginza district? A globally renowned glitzy mecca for high-end shopping and fine dining. A must on the list of places to visit for tourists. But there is a side to Ginza that few people ever see. In fact, I doubt that most visitors are even aware of its existence. I’m talking about the intricate artery of narrow alleys that lead to the back entrances of the shops, bars and restaurants. Ginza’s hidden back streets These alleys are often difficult to find, since there are no signs. They are sometimes so narrow that only one person

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