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Photo by Ryo Yoshitake

For anyone who is interested in my books, I’ve just completed my next one. It’s currently out for final editing and will, with a bit of luck, be done and ready by the end of February.

Idyllic fishing town in Izu

This one is a bit different from the “urban jungle” setting of Shibuya Nemesis – A Journey towards the Top of Tokyo. It takes place in a small idyllic fishing town on Japan’s Izu Peninsula, close to the famous resort of Atami.

The beautiful little community with its port and beach is tucked away between a rugged cape and a green peninsula. The story follows two best friends through a series of adventures and strange events during their last summer holiday together as high school students, in this close-knit community that represents the whole world to them.

Having spent many happy vacations in different parts of Izu, the area inspired me to write this story. In fact, as soon as I had the characters and the setting clear to me, it almost wrote itself! I only followed the paths of the main persons in it.

The beauty of Japan’s coastline

Photo by Yohei Shimomae

I always thought there was something magical about the rugged coastline of Izu Peninsula, and the cozy towns dotting it. Maybe it’s simply the dynamic nature and ocean views. I love the combination of dense green forest covering the mountains, and the steep cliffs along the shore. Nothing beats the feeling you get when hiking through the thick vegetation, and before you know it, you’re standing at the top of a steep precipice. Suddenly you feel the wind in your face, and stare out over the majestic sea in front of you!

I’ll give you another update on the book soon. In the meantime, for anyone who’s interested, please check out Shibuya Nemesis! It’s available on Amazon as paperback and e-book.

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