Loose Ends in Yokohama Book Cover

My new book, Loose Ends in Yokohama, is now out and available as ebook on Kindle. Paperback soon to follow!

5-star Readers’ Favorite review by K.C. Finn: “…an emotional powerhouse of a story.”

Abandoned as a child. Half-Japanese, half-American. Ron Jackson is a self-made man of few words who has been through decades of hardship building up a successful bar business in Yokohama. As he finally gets ready to enjoy life in retirement, an unexpected meeting jolts his entire world. Ron decides to set out on a mission to make peace with his past, marked by ruthlessness, bitterness, and suppressed love.

“Ron’s journey of re-examining his life was an eye-opener. Even as the story delves into deep introspection, the narrative flowed like a serene stream of water. Every character evoked a sense of warmth in me.”
“At the end of the story, I was left with a deep sense of gratitude for my life’s blessings.”
(Review by Soumya Sreehari for Readers’ Favorite)

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